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Wafer cake “Masha”



Plain wafers – 2 packs,

Butter – 500 g,

Condensed milk – 1 can,

White chocolate – 100 g,

Dairy cream 20% - 40 ml,

Sugar powder – 2 tea spoon,

Butter – 15 g,

Pink food dye,

Dairy cream for blending – 200 ml,

Sugar powder – 150 g,

Marshmallow – 150 g,

Sugar powder and colored coconut chip for a decoration.





Blend butter at a room temperature. Add condensed milk in a small portion and continue whipping.

Spread wafer sheets with the cream.

Mix sugar powder and dairy cream, spread the cream on the sides of the cake. Decorate with colored coconut chip.

Prepare a glaze. Melt a chocolate, add dairy cream, colorant sugar powder and butter. Mix these ingredients on a water bath or heat the mixture in a microwave.

Spread wafer cake with a glaze and decorate with marshmallow. Put in a fridge for several hours.