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Chocolate wafer cake with caramelized oranges



Plain wafers – 2 packs,

Butter – 500 g,

Condensed milk – 1 can,

Dairy cream – 150 ml,

Chocolate – 100 g,

Sugar powder – 2 tea spoons,

Butter (for glaze) – 15 g,

Orange – 1 pcs,

Sugar – 100 g,

Water – 300 ml,

Nuts – 50 g.





Blend butter at a room temperature. Add condensed milk in a small portion and continue whipping.

Spread wafer sheets with the cream

Prepare a glaze. Melt a chocolate, add dairy cream, sugar powder and butter. Mix these ingredients on a water bath or heat the mixture in a microwave.

Cover the cake with a glaze and put it into a fridge for several hours.

Slice an orange thickness of 0.5 cm

Put the orange slices into a boiled water and boil for 3-4 min, to avoid bitter taste.

Mix water and sugar then add the orange slices. Boil for 1 hour until the slices became transparent.

Then bake orange slices for 15-20 min in a backing oven at a temperature of 100-1200 degrees.

Get the cake from a fridge and decorate with caramelizes orange and nuts. Bon appetit!